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Gucci Soft GG Supreme Belt Bag

A brand that just speaks out of itself. A brand when carried around, people look at you in awe and sets you apart from the crowd. A brand complements your attire and style. Well, well we are talking about the brand that everyone would love to own- GUCCI. From bags to perfume to shoes Gucci has carved a niche for its craftsmanship and exquisite style. A style brand that evokes status, class, a sense of prestige, and course desirability. So what makes the people world over to drool about it.In Gucci you will find the Italian Craftsmanship is more important. Till date, the bags are handcrafted and minute attention is given to it, which makes the bags stands out

Wallets are for men, as a purse is for women, but when the International designer brand revealed Gucci GG Black Belt Bag for men, it brought in uber and super cool practical mainstay of the emblematic fashion house. The must-have bag and that which never goes out of style. Another versatile small luxury from the house of Gucci.

Gucci GG Black Belt Bag is not a necessity but an attractive way to create a statement. Sporty and sophisticated, these bags are so handy to carry that it is like just wearing a belt on the waist or strapping on the shoulder, hands-free making it highly versatile. You know it is a designer feat, when you take an everyday regular bag, keeping in mind the temperament of the men-folk, and giving it a mean twist to make it feel like the stylishly yours-fantasy piece and functional piece. It is a small pouch, made from incredibly malleable soft GG supreme featuring the quintessential web stripe, it exudes a classic Gucci aesthetic. The iconic brand used supreme canvas a material that has a low impact on the environment.

Product specifications

The bag is trimmed in black leather, crafted from a coated microfiber fabric that makes it simple enough to be carried regularly. The blue and red Web strap makes it not only easy to carry but is also stylish and chic. The belt length can be adjusted from 85 cm to 115cm according to the way you will love on styling this belt.  Made and styled In Italy, the bag has a black cotton lining making them sustainable and nice. The bag sports a zipper closure, a front zipper pocket, an interior zipper, and also an open pocket. It is made from a sturdy fabric that looks good and does not fray at the edges. It comes with Gucci trademark assertive detailing leather tag, which the brand has come to be known for.

Exquisite things should be handled with care:

What makes Gucci products worth buying? Because they are carefully made with selected highest quality materials. For longer durability, you should take note of the following steps.

  • Protect the bag from direct sunlight, heat, and rain. Lest the bag is drenched in rain, wipe with a clean cloth.
  • To maintain its shape, fill the bag with tissue paper. This also helps absorb humidity. When not in use, store in the flannel bag provided with it.
  • Do not put anything heavy inside the bag that might affect its shape.
  • Wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

So if you are looking to buy Gucci GG Black Belt Bag, be cautious since there are a lot of websites that are out to dupe you. Log in to HAIM PLACE, zoom into the image and you can see an elegant combo of style and functionality in this exquisite Gucci bag. The bag spells out flamboyant, a bit quirky, and with the color black you can never go wrong. The waist strap can be adjusted and mark the House Web stripe in blue and red.

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So if you are looking for a classy, hands-free- handy designer handbag, this one is yours. At HAIM PLACE, the guarantee is on the best products at an unbelievable price.

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